Dear Piano Friends

I have recently begun the process of licensing a number of my MIDI recordings, in order to be able to share them with interested parties. As you may know, all MIDI arrangements [bar original/public domain works] must be cleared via Easy Song Licensing, or some other such organization. The first license I obtained was for my version of ‘Love Story’, and therefore attached below are links to copies of the licensing agreement, and payment receipt [together with a scannable image for the Seal of Authenticity].

There is no requirement for you to see these things. However, I felt it important to be clear: first, that an appropriate license has been obtained; and second, that there is a reason for the pricing.

I will be updating the MIDI list here over time, as circumstances permit. If you have any questions regarding MIDI, or would like to discuss arrangements for other pieces of music, please get in touch via the Contact form.

Love Story: Licensing Agreement

Love Story: Payment Receipt